Vivitrol is a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for alcohol use disorder (AUD) and opioid use disorder (OUD). Naltrexone, the active ingredient in Vivitrol, was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2006 for the treatment of ODD and OUD. Vivitrol is part of a treatment plan for alcohol and opioid addiction. Vivitrol dose does not cure addiction, but it can help manage addiction. For opioid and alcohol addicts, Vivitrol blocks the “feel good” chemicals that are released in the brain when you drink, reducing your appetite.

How VIVITROL helps you return to a normal life?

Vivitrol injections can help with cravings and cravings in the early stages of addiction recovery here at Texas Clinic at our four nearest locations. During detox, you may experience painful withdrawal symptoms. You may be tempted to use the drug again to relieve these symptoms. Vivitrol can only be used after detoxification and should not be used if current heavy drinking or opioid use is causing Vivitrol withdrawal symptoms.

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Vivitrol is meant to help manage these cravings in your system while you learn healthy coping skills in a drug or alcohol treatment program. By altering the functions of the hypothalamus, pituitary gland and adrenal glands, it also maintains your preferred alcohol level. Vivitrol prevents the intoxication and euphoria or “crash” caused by alcohol and opioids. It also inhibits opioid pain relief.


What Take Places If Opiates Are Taken While Taking Vivitrol?

Opioid abuse, whether in the form of legal marijuana like pain relievers or street drugs like heroin, is dangerous because:

  • Although Vivitrol helps create a blockade of opioid receptors in the brain, you can overcome this blockage by taking various opiates. You may need more opiates than usual, increasing your risk of overdose.
  • The effect of Vivitrol wears off before you take your next injection. If you take opiates a few days after your injection, Vivitrol will work best in the week before your monthly injection.
  • You can then use that amount, which would be better taken before the next injection when the opioid blockade is weaker.

What is the purpose of Vivitrol?

Vivitrol treatment is a prescription injection that:

  • Treat alcohol addiction.
  • You must stop drinking before starting this medication.
  • To avoid relapse of opioid addiction after opioid poisoning.
  • This means that if you are taking opioids or medications that contain opioids (sometimes called narcotics), you should not start taking these medications yet.
  • Note the important information below:
  • To be effective, Vivitrol treatment should be used as an adjunct to alcohol or drug rehabilitation programs.

Our treatment plan

At Texas Clinic Grand Parkway and Galleria, we follow your:

  • Mental health treatment.
  • Family therapy.
  • Perfect ways like meditation, yoga and aerobics.
  • Professional and academic support.
  • Social skills training.what is the purpose of vivitrol ?

How Vivitrol Blocking Opioids in the Brain?

Vivitrol Treatment blocks opioid receptor sites in the brain. Although alcohol does not directly affect opioid receptors, studies have shown that genetic mutations in mu-opioid receptors may contribute to alcohol diseases

How Vivitrol Blocking Opioids in the Brain?

What is the success rate of Vivitrol?

Previous alcohol studies on Vivitrol dose have shown that a

A small percentage of heavy drinking days(12% vs. 25% with placebo).

In the Canadian 12-week study, 86% of patients were

reducing their alcohol intake at their last visit.

What can I feel in Severe reactions?

  • Intense pain.
  • The area feels hard.
  • Large area of swelling.
  • An open wound.
  • A dark scab.

What should I discuss with my doctor prior to using Vivitrol?

  • have liver problems
  • use or abuse street (illegal) drugs
  • have hemophilia or other bleeding problems
  • have kidney problems
  • have any other medical conditions

 What is the success rate of Vivitrol?

How exactly should I take Vivitrol?

•       Vivitrol injection is approx. 1 time a month with the nurse.

•       Do not try to self-medicate.

•       Serious drug reactions may occur, some requiring hospitalization.

•       Vivitrol dose is injected into the pectoral muscle with a special needle that comes with it.

•       Once injected, Vivitrol lasts for a month and cannot be removed from the body.

What activities should I avoid while taking Vivitrol?

  • Do not drive a car.

  • Operate machinery.

  • Engage in risky behavior until you understand how Vivitrol affects you.

You can become groggy and tired as a result

How exactly should I take Vivitrol?

Finally, in our four sites nearest to one another, we offer specialized care that enables counselling and medication to work together to achieve complete recovery. Our drug helps to lessen the effects of withdrawal, avoid relapse, and increase general contentment.